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Panorama Collection, PVC Windows in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield

Wilton Panorama is pleased to offer you a complete line of PVC, aluminum and hybrid windows, including casement, hung and sliding windows in Quebec. We are always looking to set the bar high in the industry, with unparalleled performance and efficiency. Choose from our selection of PVC and hybrid windows offering traditional or contemporary colours and looks to suit your taste.


We focus on quality, energy efficiency and longevity. Our windows are not only very beautiful but are also efficient and include Energy Star certified models. All our products remain in excellent condition for decades despite the effect of the sun, rain or snow. Contact us for more information about our services and products.

Panorama Collection in PVC

Fenêtres en PVC à Québec

PVC Casement and Awning Window - PR Series

With its magnificent design - either contemporary or colonial - the casement window of the PR series is a logical choice for its strength and durability. It is available in a wide range of configurations and customizable options to fit any style of home. Visit our stores in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield for your PVC casement and awning window needs.

Série PR

PVC Sliding Window

Our single or double sliding window comes from the PRIMERA production line. Its maximum insulation and ease of use make this product your ideal companion for construction or renovation projects. Its elegant style is suitable for contemporary and colonial projects.

Fenêtre Coulissante en PVC

PVC Sash Window in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield

With classic lines, the single or double-hung window benefits from an energy-efficient design. It combines a contemporary style with the traditional charm of a hung window to produce a product with high energy efficiency and maximum insulation. It offers both maximum airtightness and ventilation.

Fenêtre Guillotine

PVC Casement and Awning Windows - 450 LS Series in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield

Considered a modern benchmark for high performance, our 450LS series casement window maintains unrivalled efficiency and brilliance season after season, even during the harsh Canadian winters, while offering maximum glass area and elegant styling. Designed to combine aesthetics and functionality, it guarantees flawless operation, maximum insulation and remains timeless.

Fenêtre Coulissante en PVC

Hybrid Collection in Quebec City

Fenêtres en PVC à Québec

 Casement and Hybrid Awning Windows - PR Series in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield

Combinant la beauté de l’aluminium et la performance du PVC, les fenêtres hybrides à battant et à auvent de la série PR sont adaptées aux projets de rénovation ou de construction. Leur fini émaillé offre une résistance accrue aux éléments extérieurs et leurs cadres en PVC soudés sont particulièrement robustes. Extrêmement étanches, ces fenêtres bénéficient d’une structure PVC multichambre permettant une limitation des échanges thermiques et une isolation exceptionnelle. Elles sont disponibles dans plusieurs coloris standards dont le noir et le charbon.

Fenêtre à battant et à auvent

Hybrid Single Sliding Window in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield

This single sliding hybrid window has a PVC core and an aluminum exterior cladding. Thanks to its PVC structure with several chambers and partitions, this model is characterized by its remarkable performance in sound and heat insulation. In contemporary or colonial style, the single sliding hybrid window is available in several colours such as black and charcoal. It is simply installed in individual houses or buildings.

Fenêtre Coulissante simple

Hybrid Single Hung Window in Quebec, Montreal and Valleyfield

Suitable for independent residences as well as apartment blocks, this hybrid single-hung window has superior acoustic and thermal insulation properties because it has a multi-chamber structure and numerous weatherstripping options. Ultra-tight and particularly resistant to UV rays, corrosion, surface scratches and impacts, this model with a contemporary or colonial design is available in various shades such as brown and white.

Fenêtre Guillotine simple

Our Doors and Patio Doors

We offer a variety of door and patio door models.

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